KELIS (Virgin) - "Kaleidescope" Tour, Worldwide(2000- )

Kenny Lattimore (Sony) - "Never Too Busy" Tour, U.S.(1999-2000)

Faith Evans (BadBoy Entertainment) - "Keep the Faith" Tour, U.S. (1999)

Chico DeBarge (Universal) - "Long Time No See" Tour, U.S. and U.K.(1997-1999)

Taylor Dane (Capitol) - Las Vegas, Manila Phillippines(1997,1999,2000, 2001)

Kool and the Gang (CURB) - “State of Affairs" Tour, Worldwide (1996-1997)

Barrio Boyzz (EMI) - "How We Roll" Tour, Miami (1996)

D'Angelo (EMI) - "Brown Sugar" Tour, Forty U.S. Cities, Europe and Japan. (1995-96)

Philippe Saisse (Verve Forecast) - Ten Major U.S. Cities. (1995)

Groove Theory(Musical Director/Drummer) (Sony) - U.S. and Europe. (1995-1996)

Alex Bugnon (Capitol) - "This Time Around" Tour, Twenty Major U.S. Cities. (1994-1995)

Levert (Atlantic) - "Groove On" Tour, "For Real Tho" Tour, 110 U.S. Cities and Europe. Used Electronic Percussion. (1993-1996)

Jonathan Butler (Capitol) - Ten Major U.S. Cities, Aruba. (1993- 1995)

Phyliss Hyman (Zoo Records) - "Prime Of My Life" Tour, U.S., Aruba. (1992-1995)

Kenny Garrett (Warner Bros.) - "Black Hope" Tour, Europe. (1992-1993)

Najee (EMI) - "Just An Illusion" Tour, Seventy Major U.S. Cities, Aruba, Mexico, Virgin Islands and Canada. (1992-1993)

Freddie Jackson (Capitol) - "Do Me Again" Tour, Sixty Major U.S. Cities, United Kingdom, Aruba and Canada. Used Electronic Percussion. (1991-1992)

Guy (MCA) - "The Future" Tour, Worldwide. (1991-1992)

Najee (EMI) - "Tokyo Blue" Tour, Sixty Major U.S. Cities. Used Electronic Percussion. (1990-1993)

Force MD'S (Tommy Boy) - "Step To Me" Tour, U.S. Military Bases In Germany. (1990-1991)

Adeva (Capitol) - "Warning" Tour, Seven European Countries, Japan and New York.(1990-1991)

Guy (MCA) - "The New Jack Swing" Tour, U.S., Japan and The Bahamas. Electronic Percussion Used. (1988-1990)

Miki Howard (Atlantic) - "Love Confessions" Tour, Major R&B Markets In The United States. (1987-1988)

Regina Belle (CBS) - "All By Myself" Tour, U.S. and Great Britain. (1986-1988)

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